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Do you have a Community Development story that deserves national attention?

Let us know!

We can publish it immediately on our blog or if you prefer in our print edition which is read by up to 15,000 people engaged in or supporting Community Development/Work in Ireland!

Call the editor Allen Meagher on 061-458011 to discuss your idea or e-mail him at: editor@changingireland.ie

NOTE: Calls coming directly from communities engaged in Community Development will be looked on most favourably. There is no guarantee of publication.


If you plan on writing the story yourself, check out our media skills page.

If you have a press release, include contact details for further quotes.

If you have a photograph, make sure it's a lively one!

Write early. Our deadlines are usually about three weeks before publication of the magazine. It can take time to get all the details,
do the fact checking, follow up queries, etc, so we like to get stories finalised well in advance.