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Community Sector News

New social finance agency launched

Northern Ireland leads with manifesto

No national body to give the sector a real voice

New tabloid – ‘The African Voice

UN report on Ireland no use to Bord Fáilte

National programmes supporting communities

Promoting trade union membership

Our anti-trespass laws condemned by Europe

‘From the margins to the mainstream’
- 25 years of professional community work

Radical shake-up of community services

Have your say on future anti-poverty policies

On target for 100 FRCs by year’s end

FRCs may become ‘significant players’ politically

FRCs launch online magazine

Community groups offered new cheaper insurance

Government ‘fear’ of sector raised in Dáil

Looks like a Happy New Year for Social Economy

Community, Rural & Gaeltacht due a 12% increase

LEADER and Partnerships expected to unify

CWC works on despite funding cut

COMMUNITY PLATFORM quit partnership meeting

Getting the info out about Citizen Information

RAPID cuts clash with promises

WORKERS CO-OP celebrates 21 years of activism

Donegal CWC attracts big membership

‘There are more community workers, yet nothing is changing’

CDP News

New Programme being shaped from top and bottom

John Curran is new Community Minister

Tender out for new support services

Volunteer reps resign from Panel

Dublin CDP pushes projects for national office

Integration Minister of State

Keep challenging us, says Minister at launch

Fresh report shows what CDPs are up to

Rekindling the Fire. - timely publication

Better than any bookie – CDPs triple your money

Yearly evaluation feeds into report

Projects hosted 3,500 meetings in one year.

Recommendations for 2007-2013

What if there were no CDPs?

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