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Multimedia Section

Changing Ireland produces its own audio and video reports and interviews. In time we hope to have a multimedia library as part of our resource section.



Changing Ireland featured on RTE's Winning Streak .

RTE's Winning Streak featured a short profile feature on Changing Ireland in April 2013. The 2 minute clip expained the origins, ethos and some of the impact of Changing Ireland and the projects it reports on.

Issue 40 coverThe front cover artwork of Issue 40 was used in a Dragons Den presentation in the same month, when Tina Reid presented her business proposal to the Dragons panel.Click to view video.


Possibilities Conference - Saggart, April 2011.

The 'Possibilities' conference featured talks by national community leaders and international peace and human rights activists, from Mary Robinson to the Dalai Lama:

Rita Fagan talks about community struggle - and sings!.

Shalini Sinha saved by her parents from prescription drugs at age 6.

Dalai Lama talks about young people in Ireland.

Dalai Lama: Reporters need long noses.

John Monaghan invtes Mary Robinson to Erris.

For reports from conference, held in Saggart, Co. Dublin, in 2011, run a search for the Dalai Lama in the Changing Ireland NEWS BLOG.


Horses are the hook! - Cherry Orchard Equine Centre

Changing Ireland interviewed Adeline O'Brein of Cherry Orchard Equine Centre.

The project began in 2003, caters for approximately 650 young people from Ballyfermot and is part-funded through the Local and Community Development Programme.

For full reports, run a search for "Cherry Orchard" in the Changing Ireland NEWS BLOG.


Claiming our Future - Interviews from event at RDS.

Over 1,000 people came together for an event in Dublin called 'Claiming our Future' in 2010.

The aim was to discuss and develop ideas to move our country forward.

Interview with Siobhán O'Donohue - one of the event organisers.

Niamh McGrath - talks about the "Elephant in the room"

Robbie Hannon - participant, post event interview

Niall Harnett - participant, post-event interview

More info: http://www.claimingourfuture.ie


Northside Partnership - Supporting Unemployed people in setting up new businesses

In Dublin, the Northside Partnership has run over 50 short courses in 'Preparing for Business'.

The numbers completing the course and opening new businesses tripled in one year, said Employment & Enterprise manager Cepta Dowling. The course is free.

For more information, contact the Northside Partnership and ask to speak to one of the company's two enterprise officers. Tel. 01-8485630.

Introduction & Summary

Orla O'Carroll - Course Facilitator

Cepta Dowling - Employment & Enterprise Manager

Kevin Hendrick - participant, gives course 10/10 rating


Media Workshop

Since 2001, 'Changing Ireland' has run over 50 Media Skills Workshops nationwide. The tailored half or one-day workshops cover everything from producing your own media (eg community newsletters) to how best to handle the mainstream media especially at a time of crisis. The training is designed for all ages, abilities, educational backgrounds and is suitable for both staff and volunteers.

Workshops for instance cover: PR made simple, writing press releases, preparing for radio/television, developing a media strategy, getting the most out of social media, the A-Z of producing a newsletter, dealing with stereotyping/harmful media, etc. We've trained people in local Community Development Projects, Family Resource Centres, HSE-run facilities, county-based Local Development Companies and national NGOs. We've also mentored personnel in international NGOs.

Enquiries by phone to 061-458011 or email: editor@changingireland.ie

Here are a few clips from one such workshop in Wexford Town in 2009.

H5W, The essential details of a news story.

How to structure the story - the inverted pyramid

Insight into the media - why they like a well written press release.


Enabling Dissent

The Carnegie Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies responded to efforts by and on behalf of the Irish Government to stifle dissent by holding a seminar entitled 'Enabling Dissent' on May 20th, in Dublin.

Niall Crowley's Speech - limits for dissent

Kumi Naidoo's speech - struggle to regain lost civil liberties

Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy's speech - silence as a bad sign.

Kumi Nadoo clip - Fightback

Sr. Kennedy clip - how the government stifles dissent

Sr. Kennedy clip - intolerance of dissent

Sr. Kennedy clip - why civil society groups run shy


Interview with Deirdre Garvey of the Wheel:

Changing Ireland interviewed Deirdre Garvey of The Wheel.

Click on image to view all, or clink on link below to watch part 1 or 2.

Part 1 - Where she sees the Community & Voluntary sector going, The Wheel's Seminars, and unity in the sector

Part 2 - cutbacks to childcare, the influence of the wheel on shaping the Charities Act, the rising membership of the Wheel


FAQs/When a Partner/Family Member is in Prison

Over 10,000 people are in prison in the Republic of Ireland at any one time.

Changing Ireland teamed up with Sharon Harty from CASP to give advice on common questions from people visiting a loved one in prison for the first time.

This series of 11 'Changing Ireland' videos was filmed in the Phoenix Park, Dublin, in 2009.

For more in-depth advice from Sharon particularly for Community Development workers dealing with families of prisoners, visit our resource section

The video series grew out of a CASP resource guide which was produced for volunteers and workers in CDPs, FRCs and other grassroot community groups. Community Development workers and volunteers who wish to support someone who has a partner or relative in prison should find this more detailed written guide a help. It will very shortly be posted up on our resource pages.

Click on image above to play series in order, or select a single topic from menu on right

Visiting Prison : Some Tips

What is CASP?

What to expect on your first visit

Do you tell the kids that their parent is in jail?

How adults and kids react differently to prison visits

What if a teenage child refuses to visit the prison?

Preparing a child for their first visit to prison

Do you spoil the kids to compensate?

Who can accompany kids on prison visits?

What if you're asked to smuggle drugs into prison?

Do you tell the prisoner bad news?

What if the prisoner is suicidal?


SIPTU Community Childcare Campaign - Day of Protest

Two Thousand Community Childcare workers took their issues to the streets of Dublin & Cork. The march was in protest at changes to the community childcare campaign.


Poetry from the Margins

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Bedford Row Family Project in Limerick, local poet, John Carmody read two of his poems, 'Bedford Row' and 'Young Guns'. The reading took place on Sept 24th 2009.

Bedford Row

Young Guns


How to set up your own blog

Changing Ireland found this useful video, It's a step by step video on how to set up your own free blog using Google's free 'Blogger' software and start publishing your news and views online.

There are other free blog sites such as Wordpress.com, but we chose this one because it's the simplest one for someone starting off.


A Good Day for the West of Ireland: reopening of Limerick-Galway train line

March 29th, 2010 saw the reopening of the Limerick to Galway passenger rail line after a 34 year campaign by activists, community groups, local councillors and politicians in the West. "Something dead has come back to life," says one of the key campaigners Fr. Micheál MacGreil. The return journey costs ?20, it's fast (faster than the bus, at under 2 hours), comfortable and stress-free. Some of the key people involved in the reopening feature in this clip. The next stage should see the line from Athenry, Co. Galway to Tuam reopened and in time you should be able to take the train to Sligo and beyond to Derry. More info on the campaign: www.westontrack.com FILMED BY: Allen Meagher, 'Changing Ireland'.

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