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Local and Community Development Programme - USEFUL LINKS


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Pobal based at 2 Holles Street, Dublin 2, administers the LCDP and will continue with the successor programme the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme. Here are phone numbers and email addresses for Pobal. Their main number is 01-5117000 and their CEO is Denis Leamy. Here's their information about the LCDP.

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government funds the Programme:

The Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) represents the 50 Local Development Companies that help deliver the LCDP (which ends in 2014) on the ground. The ILDN's director is Brian Carty. T: 01-4600091. E: brian@ildn.ie W: ILDN's website


Social Community Enterprise


Social Community Enterprise <click for more>


Families of Prisoners:
Sharon Harty's detailed advice to support families of prisoners


We published 33 tips on supporting families/friends of prisoners in Issue 29 of 'Changing Ireland'. Here's the full text from Sharon aimed at workers and activists in communities who wish to know more about how to support families of prisoners<click for more>


Media Skills


Some tips on how to use the media to get more coverage for the work of your community-based organisation<click for more>


How to set up an internet blog



Want to publish news and views from your project, for free? Follow this link to our step by step guide. Video : How to set up a blog


How To Build a Community Centre


A to Z tips from someone who has been there...<click for more>


Including Immigrants

  TIPS to promote integration
Proven ways to include immigrants
Migrant Workers' RIGHTS

Community Organic Gardening

  No Such Thing as a 'derelict site'
Community Gardens: 'How To' Guide
Ballybane shows how to sow and grow
Community pushing Tipp town towards sustainability
Dublin Food Growing Network- Food security
Community Supported Agriculture
Sustainable Development Links

Volunteering. Tips and Analysis

  Ten Essential for Volunteers
Ten advantages to volunteering
Volunteer Packs
Motivating Volunteers booklet
Volunteering in Ireland - Why? To pay or not to pay
Volunteers NOT always wanted

Human Rights

  Start your own UN Fact Finding Mission
Top Ten Tips for highlighting human rights abuses
Take a legal approach to human rights!
New booklet on human rights - aimed at one-parent families
Community Development and Human Rights - a couple at odds?

Development Education

  A short workshop in Development Education
Facilitated Discussion - Reasons for Emigration
Get the guidebook to Development Education
Myths about Development Education


  Some advice on where to start your search
Communities have loan access to millions
A Ministers View

The Nally Case

  The facts of the Nally case:
No immunity for CDPs
NCCRI's media review
Media comment on the initial trial conviction for manslaughter:
Nally-case: racist fallout remains a concern
Pavee Point's Martin Collins criticises 'cheap' talk

Anti Social Behaviour
- issues and proven answers

  Community development has proven solutions for anti-social behaviour
Set up a Community Safety Forum
€500 was enough to start a youth club in Kilkenny
Athy opts for CCTV and Neighbourhood Watch
CCTV does not always appeal
Arty approach to working with teenagers
Sirens blaring now a rarity in Fatima- thanks to local policing forum
Sonic deterrent to 'pesky teens' disgusts Kerry Partnership youth officer
Kilmore West multi-pronged approach
Mahon develops Community Policing Forum
Late-night basketball' yields amazing results
Community policing now a national priority
Outspoken CDP worker undeterred by arson attack
Priorswood joyriding report calls for new approach
Recommendations of joyriding taskforce report
A diary of anti-social behaviour

Suicide Prevention

  Signs of suicidal behaviour
Pattern of suicidal behaviour
Helping in a suicidal crisis
Six main types of depression:
Useful websites
Seeking funding
More suicides than road 'accidents'
Aware! run 60 local support groups
Samaritans 24-hour support
A model of good practice: ‘Choose Life!’
Praised by Samaritans on our suicide-prevention coverage
North Clondalkin CDP helped with these resource tips


  “Dream! Dare! Do!' - guidebook to regeneration published by Fatima
Step-by-step to successful regeneration
Dublin's Fatima attracting 'regeneration tourists'
CCTV does not always appeal
Urban Regeneration process criticised at TCD conference
President fan of Fatima people-power

Training for Transformation

  Training for Transformation in Ireland
Paulo Freire the facts
Paulo Freire in Modern Times - Dublin hears how to change the world

Community Development courses (to be updated)

  Check out Community Development courses in Ireland!




  Some links you might find useful


Archived CDP Map



See where CDPs were located around the country prior to amalgamation with Local Development Companies and subsequent closures/mergers.

The map here is archive material, recording the CDPs' coverage as of 2007 and may be of interest to students of Community Development. <click for more>

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