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So, what's on the site?
- Here's a quick introduction to Changing Ireland online!

About Changing Ireland


A short introduction to 'Changing Ireland'. Why we're here including - our mission, our base, our supporters and our target audience. Also - how we apply a Community Development approach to producing our magazine.


Current Issue


The current edition is available in PDF format at the touch of a button.




We have all the back issues in PDF format for download.




Get news from 'Changing Ireland' as it happens, before we even reach for the ink!


Got a Story?


Is your community group doing something that the rest of us might want to read about? Something that uses a Community Development approach?
Here's how to get in touch with us.<more>



We have produced video interviews, reports and video resources, you can browse the selction on the multimedia page




find out about the Local and Community Development Programme








Some useful pages we've put together, incluing map, contact details for CDPs, Support Agencies and practical guides and commentaries on diverse topics.
So if you want to read:
  • a guide to building a community centre;
  • a guide to fundraising;
  • the facts and fallout of the Nally Case;
  • an assessment of Community Development course;
  • or the top tips for volunteers;
  • It's all in here, and more!




    Horace McDermott is our resident philosopher, fountain of knowledge and Changing Ireland's own Agony Uncle. Horace will enlighten us with his views on any topic asked, (and a few not asked thrown in for good measure!). Just ask Horace...



    A list of websites with useful information for Community Development work.


    If you have any comments on the site, please e-mail : admin@changingireland.ie