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Deirdre Garvey, The Wheel, PART 1

Deirdre Garvey of The Wheel talks here to Changing Ireland on:
1. Where she sees the Community & Voluntary Sector going this year?
2. Her views on whether or not this is the year for leaders in the Sector to unite?
3. The Wheel's seminars on Making More From Less.
4. We asked Deirdre whats the rationale: The Wheel has gone for holding seminars around the country, rather than protests outside the Dail.


Deirdre Garvey, The Wheel, PART 2

Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel talks to Allen Meagher of 'Changing Ireland' about:
1) cutbacks to childcare, where she joined in a campaign when her family and community was hit;
2) the influence of The Wheel on shaping the Charities Act and the Wheel's rising membership - due she says to the practical supports they provide to Community and Voluntary organisations.
The Wheel was set up in 1999.