About Us

Changing Ireland is Ireland’s leading publication reporting – in print and online – on the community development and voluntary sectors.

Established in 2001

to highlight the positive work being done in communities around Ireland (and, occasionally, the rest of the world), the independent, not-for-profit Changing Ireland aims to counter the negativity often used by corporate media when reporting on disadvantaged communities and people on the margins.


The editorial team works to make the magazine and website a unified mouthpiece, giving voice to the efforts of community workers, volunteers and community members around Ireland as they strive to better their local areas and the country as a whole. Changing Ireland gives activists, workers and volunteers on the ground a chance to show what works, highlight the positives and raise thorny issues in the expectation of influencing policy. They provide the news and often write it themselves.

By drawing attention to and promoting the positive work being done in clubs, organisations and projects throughout Ireland, the team hopes to change the focus: a move away from being problem- and challenge-oriented, and towards a place where solutions are offered and
celebrated. With a focus on participation, empowerment and best practice, Changing Ireland aims to be challenging and empowering. It is underpinned by community development principles, key tools in challenging the causes and reducing the effects of poverty and disadvantage.


Though positive, and often humorous in delivery, the stories Changing Ireland focuses on are deadly serious.
Many of the publication’s reports dive into topics with real-world implications and impacts that hugely affect readers and the communities in which they live and work. As a result, the editorial team makes efforts at all times to ensure that articles are easy to understand, to the point and of practical use.

With its national and international platforms – in print, through this site, and through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube – Changing Ireland shines a spotlight on communities and projects that could otherwise be overlooked, finds and reports on best-practice efforts to help others follow in the footsteps of success, and makes every effort to instil a sense of pride in local communities, starting right on the magazine’s doorstep.

Not-Profit Company

Changing Ireland is based in Moyross, Limerick, and is produced by Changing Ireland Community Media Ltd, the not-for-profit company responsible for the magazine. It is managed by a voluntary board of directors, with one staff member – editor and coordinator Allen Meagher – working in collaboration with community development workers, volunteers, and freelance writers and editors to produce daily web content and quarterly print issues. Although Changing Ireland receives core funding from the Department of Rural and Community Development, the magazine and website are editorially independent.