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Ray Lucey has reported for 'Changing Ireland' since 2014, covering an array of topics from men's sheds, integration, mental health and Travellers to general news and interviews.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Offaly support workers get calls from around the world

The increase in domestic violence during lockdowns and the murder this year of a woman while out jogging, in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, led to a national enquiry about gaps in the level of support provided to women at risk of violence.
Offaly Domestic Violence Support Service was set up in the aftermath of a previous deadly incident in 1997 and it does remarkable and mostly unseen work supporting female and male victims.
Here, Ray Lucey speaks to manager Anne Clarke.

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West Cork’s domestic violence service publishes unique newsletter

Recently, West Cork Women Against Violence (WCWAV) published the 80th edition of their ‘West Cork Whisper’ newsletter.
It is immensely practical, thoughtful and clearly laid out and the publication is useful to any and all working / volunteering in the domestic violence sector – no matter where in Ireland you are.
This is not only because the ‘West Cork Whisper’ is the only one of its kind published in the country, but because of the quality of the content.

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New centre tapping into spirit of volunteering in Offaly

Offaly Volunteer Centre officially opened its doors at Bury Quay, Tullamore, on Friday, March 4th. As chairperson Martin Buckley, founder member of Pullough Community Shop which recently won the ‘Unsung Hero of Offaly’ award, said, “The future of Offaly volunteering is well and truly established and I am proud to be part of something that is outstanding.”

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