Active Arranmore coordinator Fiona Ní Ghloinn believes the Government could be doing more to help Ukrainians in their late teens and twenties to integrate.

With rural transport in remote areas still “terrible”, the driving test is a challenge for non-English or Irish speakers and third level choices perplexing. If they received more help on these and other issues, it would help them to integrate and be of wider benefit to society and to the economy.

She said, “Apart from the energy they bring and their different viewpoints on the world, the Ukrainians who’ve come here to Arranmore are very skilled – in communications, engineering, graphic design.

“I don’t think the government recognises the huge potential they have in Ukrainians who want to give back to the community. They would raise the standards of things in Ireland.

“A lot of the young people doing the Leaving Cert now are also doing their Ukrainian exams because they don’t know if they are going to stay in Ireland or return to Ukraine. I think they need a lot more support before they make their university choices. That whole age group needs to be better looked after,” Fiona added.

“The Government and people like me need to do more because Ukrainians need better access to information and advice,” she concluded.