EXCERPT: The virus has jumped to mink in the Netherlands and cats in New York. How are we supposed to keep cats locked down?

I had no choice but to come off my cloud of Zen if for no other reason I didn’t have anything else to write about.

Now I’m scared. The Government is gently setting us up for more lockdown. “People breaking the rules should bear in mind the consequences… it could be having to extend the current lockdown for two to three weeks,” said Leo Varadker, sounding like he was chastising a grounded six-year-old.

Lockdown won’t be lifted, tidy bedrooms or otherwise, with a “big bang”, said Simon Harris. We aren’t going anywhere.

Paul Reid of the HSE euphemistically talked of “strategy for the next two years.”

‘The Boy’ is going to be delighted. I’m terrified.

Firstly, I feel – ‘Can we not just pull the plaster off now?’

Secondly, I’m genuinely concerned for all the businesses in my locality, including poor, soon-to-be-poorer families that sunk their savings into fabulous food outlets and other such establishments.

Thirdly, by a Corona revolt and the State response.

Bloomin’ Nora – a week or two ago I wanted it to go on forever so nature could heal; today, I just want the whole thing to stop.

As someone said to me yesterday: “I’m glad you don’t run the country.”

I’m glad too. Luckily I don’t, I’m allowed to be emotional.

Over in England, the Government are stepping in to re-start the Premier league. They are even talking about forcing Sky to show the ‘behind-closed-doors’ matches for free. Which is something at least.

In Global news, the virus has jumped to mink in the Netherlands and cats in New York. How are we supposed to keep cats locked down? I wonder will pet-control become a new essential industry?

There has even been a case of a dog in Hong Kong. Maybe I’ll collect my one today. Just in case. I haven’t seen him in weeks. He must have stopped vomiting by now. (Brave man! – ed)

In South Korea, research has shown people testing positive for the virus a second time, leading to speculation it may reactivate, like herpes, or Kim Un Jong who has been alive, dead and undead over the weekend.

Sounds like a house party in Shannon.

Kim Un Jong – unlike our Health Minister – loves big bangs. If you choose to believe some reports, he celebrated his resurrection by watching a missile launch. Other reports say it was the missile tests that injured him in the first place.

Astronomers looking for a hero may or may not have to look elsewhere as Elon Musk has released more of his space junk, 40 more according to my neighbour, who knows these things.

Last night’s trail of satellites took over an hour to pass by. I was trying to imagine what the heavens would look like by the end of the year and gave up.

I can’t imagine what anything is going to look like at the end of the year.