The international social enterprise, Common Purpose, is bringing its Legacy Programme to Dublin this October and thanks to the Department of Rural and Community Development and Local Development Companies across the capital, it will feature strong participation from young people involved in community initiatives across the city.

– In October, youth leaders in Dublin will plan their legacy for the city

Joe Saunders.


The Legacy Programme is a global campaign by the Common Purpose organisation which brings together young people aged 18 to 25 and facilitates them to think 20-30 years ahead and plan their legacy for their city.

One hundred young leaders will meet in locations around Dublin, including Google’s building – The Foundry – to address the question “How can we make this a city for all?”

(You can apply to join them here:

Over three days, from October 26th to 28th, they will explore the future of their city in terms of their human, social and civic impact. Reimagining the community, the workplace and the environment twenty years from now, they will be challenged to come up with solutions that are rooted in inclusion and purpose.

Legacy Dublin 22 is sponsored by IDA Ireland, the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD), Foróige, Google and others.

• Sir John Gray on his perch on O’Connell St, Dublin. He led work to bring piped water to Dublin. What will your legacy be? PHOTO BY: Changing Ireland.

CEO of Common Purpose Ireland, Dara Connolly, says that the demand for effective leadership has never been greater and he predicted:

“The ideas that come from these three days will be incredible, as they have been to date around the world.”

He said:

“Legacy is a unique initiative for empowering young people to have a voice in their future. It has already run in 15 locations around the world to date including Boston, Chicago, Singapore, London and soon to go live in Bangladesh, India and Germany. We are excited to see it taking place in Dublin in 2022, the year of the centenary of the state, a suitable time to look forward as well as back.”

He added:

“Common Purpose and its partners will bring a really diverse group together: some in employment, some not; some studying, some volunteering, some new to Ireland. The key is for this programme to be as inclusive as possible, allowing the participants to listen and learn from their peers and work on projects together to imagine a city for all”.


Common Purpose and the Department of Rural and Community Development have been in discussion to ensure that those attending this year’s event are truly representative of all Dublin communities.

This has led to the Department sponsoring up to 20 places for those who participate in the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) across the city.

• Minister Joe O’Brien. PHOTO: Changing Ireland.

Minister of State for Community Development, Joe O’Brien,  welcomed the involvement of those from SICAP initiatives in the Legacy Programme. He said,

“We all need to reimagine our capital city and plan for its sustainable, inclusive future. Such a conversation cannot happen without young people from communities where SICAP plays such a big role. I am pleased to support SICAP’s involvement in the Legacy Programme in order to ensure that the voice of all young people is heard and valued.”

• Phil Lynott grew up in Dublin in the 1960s. The singer and musician led the way for others. What will your legacy be? His statue, here adorned with roses, is just off Grafton St. PHOTO BY: Changing Ireland.

• Una Lowry, CEO of Dublin South City Partnership.

Local Development Companies across the city are coordinating the participants from SICAP.

Una Lowry is the CEO of Dublin South City Partnership and she says it is vital to provide appropriate supports to the young people:

“The format of such events is often off-putting to those from disadvantaged communities but it is vital that their voice be heard at influential gatherings,” she said.

“In our work, we come across so many examples of inspiring leadership and potential within our SICAP groups and so we have come together to give them maximum support to participate fully in Dublin’s Legacy Programme this year,” she said.

• To find out more and apply to take part in Legacy Dublin22, visit the Common Purpose website here.