The Covid-19 diaries of two experienced volunteers:

Join us in following two volunteers, Harry and Ciara, who have committed to keeping diaries during the Covid-19 crisis.

Harry works for the fire service.

Ciara is a volunteer with a number of local projects.

Both have ample experiencing in activism and volunteering.

Ciara and Harry put into words things the rest of us are sometimes only beginning to think about. The diarists don’t know each other, but will, like you, get to read each other’s diaries. They both began writing at the start of this crisis and already have tracked the changes in life across Ireland.

Both have similar aims; they hope you find encouragement in their words while they write bluntly and honestly.

Our diarists are going to remain anonymous. Harry and Ciara are pseudonyms.

HARRY CANNY* – The firefighter in tight accommodation in a small town

A beautiful, long-hand account by an experienced volunteer and activist, a townie and firefighter on call. Always thought days like this could come our way. Has a way with words. Says things most people haven’t thought about, but may need to yet.