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Issue 84 - SPRING 2024: The Social Model of Disability

LEAD: Boats, gyms, money, no problem with the Social Model of Disability.


  • Food poverty – Volunteers heading to Dáil.
  • Lough Ree’s accessible boats
  • Financial inclusion training in a Dublin flat – Group develops handbook for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Gym has equality lessons for Europe.
  • Steering young drivers to safety – Recommended LEADER project
  • Donegal Local Development’s has a new view. 
  • Shared office support services model launched.
  • Árainn Mhór joy over “best project in 20 years”.
  • Ukrainian integration on Árainn Mhór: – “We’d take 100 more people”. – First baby born on island since 1970s; we meet the dad! – War refugees describe island life. – Community worker sees uptapped potential. –
  • Recognition in new €50m Community Fund.
  • One million stars project for hope, light and solidarity.
  • Creeslough Hub is “another step towards healing”
  • UKRAINIAN INTEGRATION: Tania’s working life in ireland
  • 45k awards for measuring social impact: Tips from the winners.
  • Ballinasloe LIFE editor writes about how community media are battling the democratic deficit.
  • Social enterprises employing ex-prisoners – from serving sentences to serving cappuccinos.
  • Travellers and Climate justice  – an overlooked minority
  • Food poverty Q&A
  • Solidarity
  • Calls to re-run volunteer programme
  • Local authority news

Issue 83 - Winter 2023/'24: Grassroots community workers say the State did not listen

LEAD STORY: Grassroots community workers say – The State did not listen.

  • Dublin troubles: Community organisations call for action

  • Map shows Rich-Poor gap widening

  • Good reads: Start 2024 with a book from your favourite community worker

  • Bernadette McAliskey: If you’re afraid to speak out now, you will fail your community

  • Irish civil society: 200 groups call for peace in Gaza

  • Roma women’s health: Pavee Point play crucial role

  • Community radio in Ireland: Concerns over future funding

  • Cena housing Stylish outdoorsy Traveller-built accommodation emerges

  • Men’s sheds: €1m funding boost

  • Femicide: Women’s Aid calls for zero tolerance

  • Animal welfare in the community: Leitrim loves its pets

  • Darndale/drogheda: New respect between residents and Gardaí

  • Social Enterprise national conference

  • Pride of Place winners / What’s happening in Lisdoonvarna?

  • Climate & communities: Siobhán Mehigan from Wicklow reports on a recent gathering

  • Values and principles: Community-State civic forum becomes an annual event

  • Corkonians hope to compete for national title in 2024

  • Horace: Exclusive from Cop 28.

  • Local authority news

Issue 82 - Autumn 2023: Unique agency Pobal is 30 years old

LEAD STORY: “People in communities are the heroes , we are just a bridge” – Anna Shakespeare on Pobal at 30 (interview 6-7)

  • NEWS: Budget 2024 and reaction – 8
  • TRISHAW RIDING: It costs a lot, yet is becoming popular – 9
  • What is a SOCIAL PRESCRIBER? Pauline Mangan explains all! – 10
  • MUTE ADVOCATES Freedom to advocate curtailed by some funders – 11
  • PLOUGHING PEOPLE 2023: – 12-16
  • Community INTEGRATION: First event of its kind saw people make new friends fast –  17
  • EVERYONE WANTS PEACE: Community workers Julia and Marie Louise describe integration work in County Wexford – 18-19
  • STEAL AWAY: Ukrainians here embrace song about The Troubles  – 20-21
  • COST OF LIVING: Cash is king – 21
  • What is the CIRCULAR ECONOMY? Six examples – 22-23
  • Advocacy & Employment: Expanding mental health supports in Kildare – 24-25
  • HORACE MCDERMOTT: Vampires in rural Ireland – 25
  • ACTIVISM TIPS: Anti-fascism report draws on experience – 26
  • ICELAND TO GALWAY: A Nordic solution to an Irish problem – 28-2
  • VOLUNTEERING: Kieran Jordan on the joy of reaching out – 30
  • ERASMUS+ in Donegal-Derry – 31

Issue 81 - Summer 2023: Why Communities Love Summer

LEAD STORY – Why Communities Love Summer

  • Welcome for islands strategy
  • Pobal’s 30 years – Events coming in Galway and Dublin
  • ILDN’s new team.
  • Tasc at 21.
  • LEAD STORY – Creating community space indoors and outdoors
  • Think co-operatively – Who will go first, ask UCC students
  • Multiple warnings – Increase pay or community services will collapse
  • 25 YEARS OF FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRES – Why we need €3.3m more this year
  • Retrofitting four counties – Community solution to private sector disinterest in rural areas
  • Travellers get voice back after a silent decade –   Community Development Projects expanding
  • Networking – Galway wants to know are you doing what they’re doing?
  • Community Recognition Fund
  • Integration and Community Champions in Cavan and Monaghan
  • BOOK REVIEW – Legendary lessons from disability activists
  • People – Why is Ivan Cooper like a magpie?
  • Darndale and Drogheda – Two novel community-based initiatives make impact.
  • Social inclusion forum
  • Volunteers – from Ballina to Kildare

Issue 80 - Spring 2023: Build Homes Not Hate

LEAD STORY – Solidarity Rally Speeches You Didn’t Hear About

  • IT’S NOT THEM OR US, says Martin Collins
  • Clear message of anti-racism.
  • Thanks Dublin says Lucky Khambule.
  • One question from Bernadette Devlin.
  • Cork’s Mexicans feel at home.
  • Dublin’s Muslim sisters volunteer for all.
  • Polish in the Midlands connect via tv.
  • Communities to have more say – says Government
  • Queer Ireland – People grateful to 300 champions; LGBT+ organisations are working to tackle isolation
  • Travellers’ lives matter – Donegal Travellers launch research findings.
  • Community cars won’t drive themselvesVolunteers pivotal to success
  • Recovery through community employment – Killian and Geraldine tell their stories.
  • Changing westmeathMoate volunteers raise a million and turn cowpark into tourism attraction.
  • Is Monaghan the most irish town in ireland – Yes, say some locals
  • HORACE MCDERMOTT  – We’re on the move folks!

Issue 79 - WINTER 2022/'23 - Salaries & Staffing Crisis

Winter 2022/’23

  • LEAD STORY–  Salaries & Staff Retention Warning
  • VALUES AND PRINCIPLES – Better relations promised between State and C&V Sector
  • CLIMATE ACTION – Tipperary project setting a lead
  • WINNERS – Changemakers Pitch-Fest.
  • FAMILY SUPPORT – Erris community secures funding / Tusla explains background.
  • CIVIC FORUM – Taoiseach attends opening of dialogue with civil society.
  • QUEER IRELAND – Inside Dublin’s Outhouse
  • POST-COVID RECOVERY – Groups still nervous to reopen
  • REFUGEES – Inishowen’s new workers from Ukraine wish to help everyone.
  • SOCIAL ENTERPRISE – Three counties work together.
  • SPORTS AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT – Kerry boxing club wins on streets.
  • ADVICE – Groups urged to measure their social impact
  • GREEN OFFALY – Faithful county takes Welsh path
  • RURAL IDEAS –100 people propose solutions
  • ERASMUS+ – One young man’s experience
  • An Cosán – 20,000 graduates to date and strong appeal to community development groups
  • REMOTE WORKING – Now over 300 Remote Working Hubs are Connected

Issue 78: Rethink Plastic & Rethink Development

Autumn 2022

  • News–  Inchicore CDP experiences violence

    –  Early Years Pay Win for SIPTU Members

    –  Social Enterprise survey.

  • PLOUGHING – Pictorial coverage: Junk Kouture

    – The Future is in the Fields

    – ‘Tis great to see people in 3-D

  • DAMIEN QUINN of Spéire Nua: “I say it all the time – prison was the easy part.”
  • RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Views from Columbia, Czech Rep, the USA, Sweden, Finland.- Taoiseach on inclusion, optimism & a just transition

    – O’Brien tells 38 country reps about Gov’s social inclusion work

  • WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE? Youth leadership in Dublin.
  • INEQUALITY – Class and Education in Dublin
  • CLANN CREDO: Athlone Boat Club / 36 tips to manage rising costs
  • Youthwork: More ethnic minority youth workers needed
  • One of the best: Killarney Men’s Shed.
  • Pre & Post-Budget Analysis: With SVP, Dóchas, Inclusion Ireland, Irish Traveller Movement, Social Justice Ireland
  • Ireland/Ukraine:

    – Refugee Factcheck

    – Tree of Peace

    – Interviews

    Moate: “The best thing in our community in 37 years”

  • 21st Anniversary: Changing Ireland hailed for “track record”
  • Horace: Unparalleled insights

Issue 77: Summer 2022-Listen to the Grassroots

LEAD STORY – Brian Harvey says we ignore FRC insights at our peril

  • REFUGEES & COMMUNITY DEV’T – €10.5M EXTRA for community work supporting Ukrainians- Relief as social inclusion funds will no longer be diverted- Govt agrees on how to work best with Community & Voluntary Sector- Refugees who volunteer  
  • BOOK: ‘No Child Shall Suffer’ – 14 real-life stories documenting poverty in Dublin’s inner-city
  • DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION IN INISHOWEN – ChangeMakers’ model of good practise
  • EARLY YEARS / CE, Tús & RSS– Katie Barr on why we need more men and better pay- Reforms to RSS, Tús & CE schemes
    – For community work.
  • SOCIAL FARMING – 8 reasons to be hopeful
  • VOLUNTEERING – Two new volunteer centres open
  • New €2m Empowering Communities Prog.
  • 50th Anniversary of RnaG – 6 positive things happening with the Irish Language
  • DONEGAL – PANDEMIC POSITIVES –  Arts group formed in lockdown wants to stay online
  • HORACE MCDERMOTT  – Unparalleled insight

Issue 76: Ireland, the land of 100,000 welcomes - but 200,000?

COVER: Solidarity with refugees

– 21 reasons why Ireland is a better place today for taking in refugees. On the other hand…
– Ukrainians need firm information
– Hosting: We’ve taken in 4 people

– New Volunteer Centre in Offaly
– Couple volunteering since 1975

– Offaly staff get calls from worldwide
– Ethnic minority project a model for others
– West Cork publishes 80th newsletter

• HUMAN RIGHTS – 16 & 18-19
– 2002 law still denying Travellers the right to nomadic life
– Self-employment for people with disabilities
– “If they did it, so can I” – Christina McDonald, owner of Grá-Nua

– €15m for Community Centres
– Calendar of Dept’s funding deadlines

MEATH – 20-24
– Community workers showcase
– Success with Navan schoolbus

– SoSad: Every county should have one
– Independent services in West Cork

– Pilot in Darndale & Drogheda: 24 people start new community leadership prog.

Issue 75: A Stable Bond-Youthwork Proves Its Worth

COVER: A Stable Bond

  • LEAD STORY: Youthwork & Moyross jockey Wesley Joyce.
  • OUTDOORS: funding for 84 adventure spots.
  • UNIONS: Seek 3% pay rise for community workers.
  • SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Humphrey’s promises more support.
  • WESTMEATH: One great thing!
  • FOOD: Pizza & Food Forests.
  • REGENERATION NOT: O’Devaney Gardens 17 years on.
  • REFUGEES: Cape Clear is ready.
  • COMMUNITY RADIO: President on 25 years.
  • DEMENTIA INCLUSIVE: Near FM’s dedicated programme.
  • CO-OPS: Olive McCarthy interview.
  • EAMON O’CUIV, TD: Make Tus work better.
  • JOHN BAWLE, MULLINGAR: “My head was gone”.
  • SMART VILLAGES: EU pushes digital.
  • HORACE: No masking the truth.

Issue 74: A Smashing Time for Arts & Activism

Changing Ireland – Autumn 2021 – Issue 74:

  • SMASHING TIMES (lead story): MARY MOYNIHAN on 30 years of work & the upcoming Dublin Arts & Human Rights Festival.
  • MARCH: Protests mount over Jobs Club.
  • FOSTERING: Call for more Travellers to foster.
  • CHILDCARE: Strain over low pay.
  • FUNDING: Co-op gets value from LEADER.
  • TOWN WEBSITES: Humphreys urges others to follow Cootehill.
  • EQUITY: WHO’s DR MIKE RYAN & Minister of State JOE O’BRIEN.
  • 10 TIPS: Using humour in youthwork.
  • YOUTHWORK: Humour is the missing ingredient, says FERGAL BARR.
  • DISABILITY SUPPORT: 5mins support daily “not nearly enough” says SARAH FITZGERALD.
  • ACTIVISTS: End “incarceration” of disabled young people!
  • 5 REFUGEES: Stories of people who have settled here.
  • EU CLOTHING WASTE: Roscommon Women lead the way.
  • HORACE: Back at work & Marcus’s behaviour is of concern!

Issue 73: Fresh hopes for isolated rural communities since you can now work remotely, even from Inishturk

COVER: You can work remotely 14km offshore

  • LEAD STORY: Islands and remote working – obstacles & opportunities / Inishturk – Families embrace remote working.
  • MONAGHAN: Ireland’s only community-owned hotel
  • SHOW US THE MONEY: An Taoiseach asked about funding
  • TAOISEACH’S SUPPORT: Top backing for community-led approach
  • FRESH START: New Community Development (Pilot) Programme / 7 new pilot CDPs named after 124 apply
  • FOSTERING: Tusla calls on new communities / Blessings on her experience fostering / 6 myth-busting facts on fostering
  • GARRYOWEN: 50+ years wait for a community centre
  • LEADER: Hedge Funds in Co. Dublin
  • TENDERING: Communities may lose jobs clubs
  • YOUTHWORK & HUMOUR: An essential ingredient

Issue 72: “Conas atá tú?” - the essence of Community Development

COVER: “Conas atá tú?”

  • LEAD STORY: Community development explained – integration in Meath & Wexford.
  • EDITORIAL: Integration & equity: Conas atá tú?
  • MIKE RYAN: WHO says global vaccine inequality could define us.
  • ABUSE: Following FRC case, HSE’s Paul Reid condemns vaccine queue skipping as abuse of trust.
  • BEST ADVICE: The Wheel has weekly updates for community groups on vaccine rollout.
  • NATIONAL: Huge appetite for 8 Community Development Projects.
  • OUR RURAL FUTURE: 150 point plan to transform rural Ireland.
  • THREAT: Call to protect Local Employment Services.
  • NICOLA BROWNE: We need to put the ‘human’ back into human rights and social care organisations.
  • INTEGRATION & AN CÚPLA FOCAL: Angolan refugee & Sudanese doctor enjoy sean nós dance classes during lockdown.
  • WEXFORD: How community workers gained trust to work with people here seeking sanctuary.
  • Siobhán O’Brien: Real community work is about building trust, relations & community.
  • DUBLIN: Locals displaced by inner city’s gentrification.
  • NEWS: €70m in LEADER funding.
  • LEADER: Kerry village forges ahead.
  • HORACE’S DIARY: No masking the truth!

Issue 71: We've got our sense of community back

COVER: We’ve got our sense of community back

  • LEAD STORY: Steo Wall interview
  • EDITORIAL: Stronger communities may emerge
  • ABUSED: 84% of young women  said it had a “severe” impact on them.
  • NATIONAL: Development network’s plan launched
  • BOFIN: Islanders film life on one of Ireland’s few Covid-free spots.
  • POLICY: National Volunteering Strategy launched.
  • GOV’T COVID FUND: Keeping groups such as Lucan’s going
  • WAKE UP CALL: Instagram activism on the rise.
  • BETH ARDILL: Why Tasc’s report is good news for community development workers.
  • DAVIE PHILIP: ‘The Peoples Transition’ sings of bottom-up development.
  • AINE RYNNE: Biodiversity Leadership Training.
  • WILD CORK: Biodiversity is truly for everyone.
  • IN THE AIR: Community medics.
  • RURAL DEV’T: “It can happen anywhere” – Joe Kelly, Kiltimagh.
  • SERI: New association for Social Enterprises.
  • CO-OPS: Trees, Transition & Housing.
  • ROB CAREY: Of course the earth is flat!
  • LEADER: Musical inclusion in Louth.
  • LIBERTIES: Graham Mooney made history – we meet again.
  • CLOUGHJORDAN: Ecovillage clocks 20.

Issue 70: Communities Serving The Country (Dec 2020)

COVER: Communities Serving The Country

  • LEAD STORY: Focus on Offaly
  • EDITORIAL: (Almost) Invisible People Doing Invaluable Work
  • CORK: Mahon Community Workers Brought Fun to People’s Doors
  • INNER CITY DUBLIN: Homeless people not well served by private hostels/ Community Policing.
  • Q&A ON COMMUNITIES: Minister of State Joe O’Brien
  • SLIGO/LEADER: ‘First of its kind’ community space opens
  • STUDENT VIEWS: Full fees unfair
  • FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRES: New report on impact
  • LOCAL DEV’T COMPANIES: Connections made by trusted groups
  • BOOK REVIEW: ‘Hitching for Hope’
  • SICAP: How this programme is so remarkable – report.


COVER: Tallaght to West Clare

  • LEAD STORIES: Volunteers in Testing Times / Why Peace-Loving People Become Activists
  • EDITORIAL: Compassion is our new Currency
  • DIRECT PROVISION: UN says NGOs should look again
  • COPING DURING COVID: Laois & Offaly Case Studies.
  • COMMUNITY WORKERS: Ways to counter racism.
  • SENATOR FLYNN: Empowered by Community Development.
  • HOPE FOR LAOIS: Volunteers rapidly set up new project
  • OUR LIBRARIES: They keep delivering.
  • AN COSáN: Started with an online advantage.
  • FOOD DISTRIBUTION: Collaboration across country.
  • CHLOE CAREY: Anti-body- shaming video goes viral.
  • FOOD: Collaboration across country.
  • GAMBIA: Logical that community is favoured over individuals.

Issue 68: Community Childcare / Good News in a time of coronavirus (Spring 2020)

COVER: Early Years March

  • Journalism opportunities
  • Early Years march
  • EDITORIAL: Coronavirus V Communities
  • FLASHBACK: Female empowerment in 2001 in The Liberties
  • CAMPAIGNS: Why communities want change
  • Social skills: Grants rush
  • DIGI-SKILLS: An Cosán on the case
  • MY JOURNEY: Of use to individuals & society.
  • LEADER: Supporting Meath River Rescue
  • INTERVIEW: Kevin McCarthy, Sec. General, Dept of Rural & Comm Dev’t.
  • LIMERICK’S URBAN CO-OP: 24/7 success
  • NORTH DUBLIN: Showcasing successes
  • YOUTUBE: Mayo migrants show the way
  • DON MULLAN, EYE-WITNESS: Treasure peace
  • HSE ADVICE: During an epidemic

Issue 67: Ballyhaunis (Winter 2019)

COVER: Seán Óg Ó hAilpín speaks about his immigration experience and how the GAA saved him

  • Social enterprise
  • Interview with disability activist Lana Kurasidze
  • Launch of new engagement toolkits
  • An overview of immigration lessons from Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo
  • Spotlight on Whitestown, Dublin
  • Climate Action conference report
  • A look at Achill’s asylum protests
  • Watching bees to understand community
  • Difficulties facing early years education sector
  • John Spillane interview

Issue 66: People Power (Autumn 2019)

COVER: All the news from Ploughing 2019

  • Rural research

  • Interview with community worker Brigid Quilligan

  • Launch of government’s new five-year community and voluntary sector strategy

  • Differences between community and privately owned crèches

  • LEADER feature

  • Spotlight on Women for Change

  • Tips for securing funding

  • Smart community planning

  • Gandhi’s 150th birthday

  • Latest from Horace McDermott

Issue 65: Communities & Climate Change (Aug 2019)

COVER: Winners at the 2019 Enterprise Awards

  • Communities & climate change
  • Community wellbeing
  • New Social Enterprise Policy
  • Wheel hits 20
  • Participatory budgeting
  • Dublin City Community Co-op.
  • Social Inclusion Forum 2019
  • In profile: Larry Masterson
  • Pub hubs

Issue 64: Inspiring Teens / Social Farming / Smart Villages (May 2019)

  • GOOD NEWS: Derek Walker; Post Office appeals; Brexit and NI peace funding 
  • SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Revitalising Ireland 
  • INSPIRING TEENS: From Carrick-On-Suir to Florida 
  • SOCIAL FARMING: Meet a participant and the family they work for 
  • REALITY: The Traveller experience in 2019 Ireland 
  • OPINION: Pat Spillane on RTE’s Late Late Show
  • SMART TOWNS: The rural community of the future? 
  • SICAP: Case studies

Issue 63: From the River Shannon to the River Gambia (Feb-Mar 2019)

LEAD STORY: Activists in Pullough, Co. Offaly

EDITORIAL: Country has 7 community shops – there should be 700.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR:  Mary Fitzgerald, Co. Clare


COMMUNITY FOCUS: Straide, Co. Mayo.

‘I AM TRAVELLER’: Exhibition

TECH & MINORITES: What’s needed for communities is good for all



SUMMER’S COMING:  Monaghan has ideas



Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 11


1st: National Community Weekend

Issue 62: Communities Empowering Women (Dec 2018)

  • GOOD READS: By Cooke, Fingleton & Kelly. 
  • EDITORIAL: Equality for Women 
  • #MeToo & Communities 
  • WOMEN’S AID: 16 Days Campaign 
  • WEXFORD LEADERS: Women in society
  • PRIDE OF PLACE: 49 prizes 
  • COMMUNITY SERVICES: Under review 
  • THE GAMBIA: Democracy & development 
  • MONEYLENDERS: Change is coming

Issue 61: First time for us - World Community Development Conference (Oct 2017)

  • LIBRARIES: Now community hubs. 
  • IN FOCUS: Moyross Youth Academy. 
  • HORACE: Helpful promotional ideas. 
  • SICAP: True value needs to be appreciated. 
  • PLOUGHING 2018: Photos special. 
  • DUE CREDIT: How Credit Unions beat the banks. 
  • #SocEnt / Budget 2019 news 
  • DEVELOPMENT: The Maynooth Declaration

Issue 60: Monaghan Man challenges stereotypes (June-July 2017)

  • COMMUNITIES FUND: Deadline approaching. 
  • AWARDS: Councils & communities. 
  • IN TRIBUTE: Trutz Haase RIP
  • FIRST TIME: World Community Development Conference 
  • LEARNING: Pre-schoolers to retirees, from Kerry to Fingal. 
  • €190m: SICAP Launch (2018-2022). 
  • MOJO: Reaching men in communities. 
  • TANZANIA: Community Development in ‘Lion Country’. 
  • REFERENDUM: Women’s Empowerment.

Issue 59: Community Winners Nationally (Feb 2017)

  • COVER STORY: The Flying Nun
  • SOCIAL INCLUSION: 47 five-year contracts 
  • AWARDS: Pride of Place, Charities, Social Entrepreneurs. 
  • COMMUNITY FOCUS: North county Dublin (aka Fingal). 
  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY: Tipp Co-op wins award. 
  • HORACE: New Year Resolutions! 
  • OPINION: Mad to unlocalise the MABS 
  • OPINION: Women at heart of local development. 
  • SELF-EMPLOYMENT: Rob’s gym goes from 0 to 70. 
  • STIGMATIZATION: Hiding your identity. 
  • TANZANIA: Taboos V. Community Development. 
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: Inteview with Tehmina Kazi. 
  • NATIONAL STRATEGY: For Travellers and Roma. 
  • TECH TIPS: Ducks to water. 
  • VSO: Become an international volunteer (advert).

Issue 58: Banning Plastic Starts Now (Autumn 2017)

Published on Nov 21, 2017  

  • “I’m a big believer in community work” – Mary Coughlan 
  • Editorial: You don’t need to be Mary (Coughlan) to have a voice. 
  • Best practice in communities: “Single use cups are so last year!” – a simple way to engage in environmental activism. 
  • Movie review: Ballymun – ‘The 4th Act’. 
  • Too many charities? Not quite! 
  • See what’s new about the new Department of Rural & Community Dev’t? 
  • Department gets to work with 12% more in budget. 
  • Not enough in budget 2018 for communities, says opposition. 
  • Interview with Minister Michael Ring: “I’ll be making every minister accountable”. 
  • Labre park: 50 years of “luxury camping” – Cian Matthew Kearns reports from Ballyfermot. Transport for all: iRoute’s solution. 
  • Rural transport: ‘Local Links’ launched. 
  • Social Inclusion: The JobPath experience – by Ben Panter. 
  • Civil society: Pictured at the ploughing. 
  • District heating: Brexit fuels urgency. 
  • NALA’s Family Learning Conference. 
  • News briefs / Letter from FRCs.

Issue 57: State finally recognises Travellers (Spring-Summer 2017)

Published on Jun 26, 2017  

  • The latest edition features reaction to the State’s long-overdue recognition of Traveller’s ethnicity, encouragement to engage in civil disobedience from South African activist Kumi Naidoo and reports of positivity by community groups nationwide, from Antrim to Killorglin, and indeed internationally. 
  • It also features Limerick student Emily Duffy’s sleeping bag for people who are homeless, which won an award recently

Issue 56: Social Enterprise (Winter 2016/’17)

Published on Jan 26, 2017  

LEAD STORY: 5 winning social enterprises in Dublin

NEWS:  Teen Parenting / 16 Days of Action

JOBS & INCLUSION:  Pobal’s annual conference

NEWS:  Brexit Concerns / Zero Waste

NATIONAL FORUM: “We’re serious as a Department of Communities,” says Coveney

EQUALITY: Calls for gender quotas

RURAL & UNEMPLOYED: Supporting Men

GOVERNANCE & TECH:  Sola / Enclude


EDUCATION: Lynn Ruane / Donegal / Limerick

VIEWS & NEWS: Branding / SSNO Grants

ALSO:  Horace / Pride of Place / Trump & Community Development

Issue 55: Human Rights & Special Focus on Garryowen (Autumn 2016)

Published on Nov 23, 2016  

COVER STORY – Entrepreneur awards

REPORTS – On SICAP / Co-ops.

GARRYOWEN – Socially excluded.

ACTIVE AGEING – Best practise in Mahon


NINE GROUNDS – Who to call when law broken

HOUSING – Galway Travellers confront Ministers


VALUED – ‘Community’ retains senior status

PLOUGHING – Community to the fore

HORACE’S DIARY – Dead cows don’t fart, Mary


Issue 54: North East Inner City Dublin (Summer 2016)

4-5 NEWS BRIEFS / Voices of Social Change
6-9 THE BIG ISSUE: A community work view
of North East Inner-City Dublin.
10-11 TRANSPARENCY: ESF rules apply.
12-13 NATIONAL AWARDS: Unemployed
people who set up successful businesses
14-15 REVIEW: ‘Bring Me Back Alive’
(underground hit play about suicide)
16 PLANNING: Experts consider best social
inclusion measures
17 SURVEY: 1000 undocumented people
18-19 LEADER: A win for Community-Led Local
Development (interview with Doirin Graham).
20 CEC: 21-year-olds can now apply
21 ECO-VILLAGES: What works, what doesn’t?
22-23 PEOPLE & PROJECTS: Seeing is believing
24 WOMEN: 10 things they couldn’t do in 1955

Issue 53: Community Development Today (Spring 2016)

Published on Apr 5, 2016  

  • EARLY CHILDHOOD SUPPORT: Evidence shows it works 
  • EQUALITY: Monaghan in 1955 & today
  • CULTURE: Cinema opens for homeless people 
  • TARGETS: POBAL & Trutz Haase respond to IAN DEMPSEY 
  • COMING & GOING: We’ll never forget what’s her name!
  • CO-OPS: You’ll never bake alone. 
  • Horace returns… And much more!

Issue 52: Alternatives to banks / Inclusion Targets V Reality (Winter 2015/'16)

Social Finance in Ireland / Crowdfunding

  • Social inclusion targets v reality
  • Ballyfermot’s work with early school leavers
  • Roscrea first with new community action plan
  • Galway, Offaly & Leitrim’s 6-yr plans
  • Roscrea first with new community action plan
  • New generation of driven volunteers

Issue 51: Ireland to Calais (Autumn 2015)

In dread of winter / Heartening Irish response

  • Clondalkin’s proven model for integration
  • Kidpreneurship hits West Cork
  • ‘Carrickmines 10’ Tragedy & Traveller-led housing
  • Public Participation Networks – how’re they doing?
  • An Cosan: Lifelong education provider
  • 3rd level bursaries that are anything but a handout
  • Rescuing surplus food in Kerry

Issue 50: Marriage campaign's roots (Summer 2015)

 Celebratory Bumper Edition –

  • Lead Story: Marriage equality campaign began in communities
  • What is Community Development?
  • Changing Ireland cartoons 2001-2015.
  • Interview: Minister of State Ann Phelan
  • Opinion: Disappearing voices
  • €28m to communities via SICAP
  • What makes you happy? / Death cafes explored.

Issue 49: Tendering to serve (Spring 2015)

WINNERS & LOSERS: Tendering for community work.

  • CHILD POVERTY DOUBLES: So, what’s being done?
  • DONEGAL: Success in stopping dangerous driving.
  • LAOIS: Choir is a voice for inclusion.
  • SLIGO: Unemployed but entrepreneurial.

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 48: People power & education (Winter 2015/'16)

CIARA’S CALL: Time to offer all Dublin 17 kids breaks she got.

  • HOW TO HARNESS PEOPLE POWER: Roscrea stands up.
  • TRAVELLER HEALTH: Doors once slammed shut now open.
  • CHARITY IS NOT THE SOLUTION: Maynooth conference.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT TODAY: The view on the ground.
  • LEAVE NOBODY BEHIND, says Irish Local Development Network.

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 47: Sports & development (Autumn 2014)

INTERVIEW: Alan Kelly believes in Community Development.

  • KATIE TAYLOR INSPIRES: Kids staying in school longer.
  • ANTI-POVERTY PROG. DELAY: Postcards from the edge
  • SPORTY DONEGAL & BLUEBELL, DUBLIN: Angling to save lives.
  • SURFER trades world’s biggest waves for community gardening.
  • NOVEL ways to get communities off their… bums!

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 46: Politics and anti-poverty work (Summer 2014)

INTERVIEW: Hogan on his legacy

  • NEW ANTI-POVERTY PROG: Starts 2015.
  • EXPERT VIEW: On community work going to tender
  • MULHUDDART’s ‘Shedders’ 
  • LITERACY participants cook up cash for Syria

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 45: Communities as first responders (Spring 2014)

CROKER STAR CALLS on all communities

  • ISLAND HEROES in Galway & Limerick
  • Govt ‘ok’ PROFIT-MAKING from community work
  • MANAGERS wearing ONESIES to work
  • ORDINARY PEOPLE turning into DJs
  • Young, angry unemployed SPEAK OUT
  • COMMENT: Govt can’t abolish Community Development

Plus Sector news, community development news, Programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 44: Young, out of work & angry (Winter 2013/'14)

‘YUUTES’-Young, Unemployed & Unwilling To Emigrate

  • Ballyfermot children speak out
  • LCDP exceeds all priority targets
  • How “I totally changed my life”
  • The future from the Department’s Perspective
  • High unemployment in small towns

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!



NEWS: Tipp activist; Men campaign; Asylum-seekers; Minister Hogan.

SUICIDE PREVENTION: A response to self-harm; Supporting farmers; Men-At-Risk Programme; Donegal approach.


SELF-EMPLOYMENT: 10,700 unemployed people set up their own jobs.

OPINION: Zen and the Art of Local development.

NORTH-SOUTH: Dubs meet fellow activists in Belfast.

DUBLIN: Mounttown’s late-night soccer heroes.

ALIGNMENT: Dept officials meet SIPTU.

CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT: Healy’s new group.

Issue 42: Focus on Waterford (June/July 2013)

Speed dating in the Community Sector

  • Focus on Waterford
  • Stop Boxing, girls!
  • Clonmel Finds Calm
  • Ex-Prisoners turn lives around

Plus Sector news, community development news, Programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 41: Supporting start-ups (Winter 2012)

Set your sights high

  • The Universe in a Van
  • Tackling the Jobs Crisis
  • Intergenerational Work
  • Focus on Kilkenny
  • Preventing Early School Leaving
  • Duhallow: The answer is boxing
  • Youths go under the hood
  • Fun flows for teenage revellers

Plus Sector news, community development news, programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 40: Winning ways to earn a living (Autumn 2012)

  • Turning Muck into Money
  • Local Govt Reform & Community Impact
  • Social Enterprise
  • LCDP’s first progress report
  • Community Arts
  • Voicing Dissent
  • Equality, Jobbridge
  • Community Development in Action

Plus Sector news, community development news, Programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 39: 5,000 jobs the media missed (Summer 2012)

  • Jobs you haven’t heard about
  • Meath says “bite the bullet”
  • Changing the world, changing ourselves
  • Ireland Mark II
  • 12 Great Websites
  • 1 Solid book
  • Classes in pubs
  • 1-in-6 find jobs
  • Solutions to long-term unemployment

Plus Sector news, community development news, Programme news, Horace & more!

Issue 38: 'Clients' lingo annoys President (Spring 2012)

  • PRESIDENT Michael D. Higgins addresses Sector bias
  • EVS: VOLUNTEER today!
  • 35% funding cuts to SECTOR
  • Mary Kirby INTERVIEW

Issue 37: Insulating communities (Winter 2011/'12)


  • MEN in childcare
  • FEATURES from Cork, Ballymun, Mayo & Arklow
  • INTERVIEWS with Declan Dunne & Mary Lee Geary
  • SCRAP old fundraising ideas
  • 6 pages on VOLUNTEERING

Issue 36: Community Resilience (Autumn 2011)

  • Mary, Robinson, the Dalai Lama & Rita Fagan
  • Bofin Shows community work can be fun
  • Striking Community Workers
  • Interview: Minister Phil Hogan
  • Crumlin Project opens door to public
  • Galway: “Community Centre” for sale

Issue 35: Now tackle community issues (Spring 2011)

  • 5000 TÚS ‘JOBS’
  • ANTI-RACISM update
  • MEDIATION saves
  • PILOT delivers
  • RESILIENCE training
  • PARTY promises
  • GARDA texting
  • COMMUNITY services programme

Plus project news, Programme news, Horace and lots more.

Issue 34: Exclusive: Online racism exposed (Winter 2010/'11)

  • Real jobs, training and business start-ups
  • Claiming Our Future coverage
  • Racism: 100s complain, Gardaí investigate
  • Success for 17 Women’s CDPs
  • Where 160 CDPs now stand
  • Cork’s community toolkits
  • Opinion: Mary Murphy, Gerry McKeever and Máiréad Kelly
  • Community cuts of €35m

Plus project news, Programme news, Horace and lots more.

Issue 33: Community activists' muscle (Summer 2010)

  • Facebook hate sites shut down
  • Minister Carey Interview
  • Community group gets 98 back to work
  • Donnacha O’Callaghan launches Age Action in Mahon
  • On the ground in Kilkenny
  • Happe house confounds critics
  • Role of CES & Pobal
  • EU Year for combatting poverty

Issue 32: New anti-poverty programme (Spring 2010)

  • 6 pages of Sector News 
  • Report from Palestine
  • Volunteering while unemployed 
  • New Programme News 
  • On the ground: in Inchicore 
  • Eye-witness reports from Zambia 
  • 2010: EU’s year against poverty 
  • Regeneration: Ballymun, Limerick and Fatima
  • Help Me Horace! Full page

Issue 30/31: 180 CDPs see 'The End' (Winter 2009 - Double Edition)

  • Community Development Programme to end after 20 years
  • 180 projects: facing wind-up in 2010
  • New Programme: for and against
  • McCarthy: Communities strike back 
  • On the ground: in Inchicore 
  • Eye-witness reports from Zambia 
  • 2010: EU’s year against poverty 
  • Regeneration: Ballymun, Limerick and Fatima 
  • Help Me Horace! Full page


  • Frontline News
  • Project News
  • Cuts – facts & figures
  • Enabling Dissent
  • Upsides to the downturn
  • Sector facing up to crisis
  • Books to borrow, buy or win
  • Volunteering on the up

Issue 28: The Participation Issue (Spring 2009)

  • Over 750 join new Travellers’ forum
  • Obama – he’s one of us!
  • Primary health care in Donegal
  • Minister Curran interviewed
  • 45 families face losing homes
  • Regeneration from Dublin to Limerick
  • Data-sharing as anti-poverty tool
  • International: From Africa to Boston

Issue 27: Sow & Grow (Autumn 2008)

  • Sow and grow: Community Organic Gardens
  • Sustainable development on our islands
  • Sustaining the language in Corduff
  • South Dublin becomes greener, but meaner
  • Eco-communities are mostly middle-class: Why?
  • One day in Erris: Shell jobs and community anguish
  • Toxic toothpaste – two lives “saved” (Dublin)
  • You can change your community in 12 hours!

Issue 26: Integrating immigrants (Summer 2008)

  • One-third of new volunteers are immigrants
  • Is toxic toothpaste suitable for asylum-seekers?
  • 8 proven ways to promote integration in your community
  • World Refugee Day Awards 2008
  • 4 pages of Programme 
  • News & Opinion
  • Regeneration update
  • Tips for involving immigrants

Issue 25: (May-July 2008)

  • COVER STORY:Rural Transport in Ireland
  • Kilmore West Shafted
  • New Guide to Intercultural Work
  • Supporting Community Development
  • Changing Ireland landmark edition
  • Youth Arts in a bi-lingual community
  • Latest Trends in Global Development

Issue 24: (Spring 2008)

  • Editorial: Oscars for Volunteers
  • UN Human Rights Declaration clocks 60!
  • Regeneration in Cork: two views.
  • Human Rights and Disability
  • Minister Carey’s Volunteering Mind
  • Intercultural Quilting in Roscommon

Issue 23: (Winter 2007)9


  • ‘We work with violent men’ (Waterford)
  • Complaints about Code of Conduct on Domestic Violence
  • Mapping domestic violence in Ireland
  • First Travellers in the Dublin City Marathon (Ballymun)
  • Gay rights 
  • ‘On The Ground’ in East Wall (Dublin)
  • ‘I Know My Acronyms’ Quiz!

Issue 22: (Summer 2007)

  • Famine Walkers in solidarity with Shell to Sea (Mayo)
  • Combat Poverty marks 20 years 
  • Make or break for Ballymun’s Regeneration (Dublin)
  • The surprising diary of a boat-building project. (Wexford)
  • Drug-users on Crumlin drug-prevention committee (Dublin)
  • Campaigns for social change 
  • Anti-racism (Meath)
  • New programme by year’s end

Issue 21: ( Spring 2007)

  • ‘This place has changed my life big-time’ (New Ross)
  • Report shows what CDPs actually do (Dublin) 
  • Why I volunteered Ballybrack, Dublin)
  • Women shape election issues (Wexford)
  • Ireland lags behind in supporting voluntary work
  • Billions promised in new NDP.
  • Minister Ahern wants solutions, not just complaints
  • Community development courses in Ireland

Issue 20: (Winter 2006/'07)

  • Nan tells UN of ‘hellish’ poverty (New York)
  • Finglas: responding to suicide (Dublin)
  • A-to-Z on building a community centre
  • Community Development: Current issues & challenges
  • In solidarity with the world’s poor (International)

Issue 19: (Autumn 2006)

  • We want rights, not charity! (Kerry)
  • Ireland’s biggest children’s art festival (Mayo)
  • ‘On the ground’ (Pobail le Chéile CDP, Donegal)
  • Radical shake-up of community services

Issue 18: (Summer 2006)


  • Regeneration (Dublin)
  • Traveller CDP versus the media (Waterford)
  • Our approach to health issues saves lives (Kilbarrack, Dublin)
  • Organic gardening & Community Development (Tipperary)
  • Is Community Development being ‘neutered’ to just service delivery?
  • Start your own UN Fact-Finding Mission

Issue 17: (Spring 2006)

  • A youth club for €500 (Kilkenny)
  • Joyriding Taskforce have the answers (Dublin)
  • Police offer youths late-night basketball (Cork)
  • Advocacy and Community Development (Sligo)
  • Racist fallout from Nally Case

Issue 16: (Christmas 2005)

  • CDP proves you can fight class discrimination by secondary schools (Limerick)
  • Campaign against domestic violence (National)
  • Discovery Channel in the Liberties (Dublin)
  • Young and out of work (Dublin)
  • New guidebook to development education (Dublin and national)
  • Politicians in fear of the Community Development sector

Issue 15: (Autumn 2005)

  • Disabled fight 80% jobless rate
  • Contracts issued for 10 new CDPs
  • Counselling and Community Development
  • Publicans brought to court; CDP offers advice (Cork)
  • Islands bridge the digital divide (Mayo/Galway)
  • Report from Columbia
  • Ten essentials for Volunteers

Issue 14: (June/July 2005)

  • Editorial: Should creating poverty be a crime?
  • Should Counseling and Community Development really go together?
  • CWC works on despite funding cut (Galway)
  • Women dole out the truth on inequality (Donegal) 
  • Boost for project working with town’s ‘forgotten people’ (Tipperary)
  • Community & Voluntary Sector is “primitive and under-developed”
  • Whisper it: Community development is political.

Issue 13: (Winter 2004/'05)

  • Anti-racism work (Cork, Limerick)
  • CWC works on despite funding cut (Galway)
  • 15 communities get new projects
  • ‘Na briseadh suas an clár náisiunta!’ 
  • Relief as FAS Schemes saved (Cork, Kerry, Donegal)
  • Challenge the ‘End of poverty’ assertion! 
  • Papering over inner-city poverty (Dublin)

Issue 12: (Autumn 2004)

  • Invisible people – recognising baby deaths
  • Schools behaving badly 
  • Minister O’Cuiv takes the hard questions
  • Ireland’s worst drug…Alcohol
  • Your power to advocate
  • International development focus

Issue 11: (Summer 2004)

  • Eircom bows to CDP pressure
  • Tralee CDP wins two awards
  • Poor health linked to indebtedness
  • Support Agency contracts announced
  • Africa teaches us a thing or two
  • Mentoring… Gender inequality… Disability terminology

Issue 10: (Spring 2004)

  • What works for you?
  • Older people forced from work
  • Travellers with a healthy future
  • New disability agency launched – DESSA
  • Drug deaths remembered with hope
  • Strong reaction to Department’s changes

Issue 9: (Autumn 2003)

  • Communities seek a brighter future
  • Noel Ahern on CDPs
  • ‘Wake’ for Fatima Mansion Flats
  • Focus on Brazil
  • Know how to make the news
  • Mayo Kids confront stereotypes
  • Drug awareness in Limerick

Issue 8: (Summer 2003)

  • Work on accessibility
  • Viewing Ennis through a lens
  • Disability issues and development projects
  • Quality of life flourishes in North West
  • News from Cavan to Cork to the Capital
  • Ó Cuiv supports CDSPs plan
  • Reviewing the review

Issue 7: (Apr-June 2003)

  • Anti racism in Dublin & Cork
  • Women take to the high seas
  • Drogheda video shows pride
  • European Year of People with Disabilities
  • Dublin Community’s proud struggle
  • White paper on Voluntary Activity
  • Mini-World Cup in Limerick

Issue 6: (Jan-Mar 2003)

  • President launches North West Network
  • Dublin Projects key to people’s development
  • Christy Moore backs Ennis Group
  • Action on violence against women
  • West Training evaluate CE
  • Men need to talk more
  • Review Changes and Cuts

Issue 5: (Autumn 2002)

  • New Minister Eamon O’Cuiv interview
  • New Department for communities
  • CDSP consultation seminars
  • Special focus: Including Republican ex-prisoners
  • FORUM – 11 years on from ‘bleakest poverty’ report
  • Development work overseas: Philippines and Uzbekstan
  • Burn-out among community workers – Lorcan Brennan investigates
  • Margaret Casey – a volunteer without time for lunch-breaks
  • Psychological effects of unemployment

Issue 4: (Summer 2002)

  • Donegal in the spotlight
  • Health Board embraces empowerment model
  • RAPID needs to speed up
  • ‘In From the Margins’ seminar
  • Finding the C.I.C. in Clifden
  • Intercultural Ireland
  • Lone parents log on

Issue 3: (Spring 2002)

  • Project impacts are “incredible” – Nexus
  • “Mammy, what’s community development?”
  • Irish Travellers in South Africa become ‘white’
  • Support for a national men’s forum
  • CWC ‘dragged’ into controversy
  • CWC celebrates 21st year
  • Galway Travellers use media to resist
  • Family Support Agency bill approved in Dáil
  • Single parents survey dismisses the myths

Issue 2: (Winter 2001)

  • Homophobia bars community participation
  • Paulo Freire’s teachings in an Irish context
  • Training for Transformation ? still relevant?
  • Women’s Aid – 25 years tackling violence
  • Sex and disability
  • Rural transport in Cavan
  • International Year of the Volunteer
  • Seanie Lambe in profile
  • Launch of Family Resource Centre National Forum

Issue 1: (Summer 2001)

Changing Ireland’s debut issue

  • N.O.W. there’s change!
  • Wexford children teaching computer classes
  • The nun and the lolly
  • Visualising inclusion
  • Accidental Volunteers
  • Emancipating the Women in North Mayo
  •  K.A.N. survivors of mental ill-health help others