Changing Ireland Podcast hosted by Editor Allen Meagher

We are delighted to announce our first time to cut our teeth in the podcast world! Editor Allen Meagher begins the series with some lockdown reflections on juggling family and work-life while also keeping the wheels turning for Changing Ireland. He discusses how Covid-19 has impacted the community and voluntary organisations and how they have coped during a very difficult time.

If you're waiting to access the National Gender Service, we hear you, we see you and we are fighting for you. Getting the healthcare you need should not cause so much distress. You should not have to wait this long. (1/5)

Returning to education helps you "discover things you never knew about yourself" - Joy-Tendai Kangere.

Thank you for sharing your voice and for helping us #CelebrateLearners2020 @JoyTendai!

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