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Allen Meagher is the founding editor of 'Changing Ireland'. Linkedin:

Support communities to help refugees with 1% corporations war tax

There should be a war tax (eg 1%) imposed on corporations earning profits of over €1m to help finance communities to support refugees.
Ireland thankfully opened its doors to take in war refugees from Ukraine and the response from Irish people has been fantastic, but this could run for years.
We are a rich country partly because multi-nationals are attracted here by low corporation taxes and the space provided for “tax efficiency”. Now we are in an emergency and those who can afford to pay more tax should do so.

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Red Cross too slow: Irish farmer hosting Ukrainian refugees on why others should do the same

‘Changing Ireland’ has followed a Kildare family over the weeks and now months as they have taken in refugees. A few others in the area have done likewise, but Matt – a dairy farmer in his early 50s – was the first to move and the first to take in refugees in his locality. He acknowledges other hosts might need cash, but said: “It would change it. That’s not why we are doing this.”

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