The Dormant Accounts Fund will provide over €11.3 million to the Department of Rural and Community Development for Rethink Ireland, social inclusion, and other measures geared at addressing disadvantage

Minister of State for Community Development, Integration and Charities Joe O’Brien has revealed that the Dormant Accounts Fund will provide €47.6 million to various initiatives to help disadvantaged communities all over Ireland.

Funding under the 2024 Action Plan has decreased by 12.5% from 2023. A statement from the Department of Rural and Community development said that “further reductions are required in the coming years to sustain the fund”.

The Minister made the announcement while launching the 2024 Dormant Accounts Action Plan recently at the BoxUp project in Rush, Co Dublin.

BoxUp, supported by Sport Ireland through the Dormant Accounts Fund, is an initiative launched this year that aims to tackle inequality in sport by providing free access to sporting equipment.

The Dormant Accounts Fund can be used to fund measures that address economic, social, or educational disadvantage and to support people with a disability.

The 2024 Action Plan allocates funding of €47.6 million to 52 measures to be delivered across 11 Government Departments.

More than €11.3 million has been allocated to the Department of Rural and Community Development: €5.5 million for Rethink Ireland, €2 million for social enterprise measures, €2.7 million for the senior alert scheme, more than €1 million for targeted social inclusion measures, and €150,000 for the promotion of libraries to disadvantaged groups.

Minister O’Brien said: “The 52 measures approved for funding in 2024 will be implemented across Government and will help to address a diverse range of issues such as long-term unemployment, Traveller equality, youth disadvantage, migrant integration, and probation supports to prevent reoffending.

“Dormant Accounts funding makes a real difference to individuals and communities right across the country. The 2024 Action Plan will help ensure that we can continue to support those who need it most during these challenging times. I am particularly pleased to see continued support for Traveller initiatives and services across five Departments.”

Other examples of measures approved for funding include:

  • €10.5 million for investment and actions aimed at improving participation in sports in disadvantaged communities and for persons with disabilities.
  • €3.9 million for Traveller initiatives and services across five Departments.
  • €4 million for youth and community justice services aimed at countering the influence and impacts of crime on young people and in communities.
  • €2.7 million for youth and family initiatives to provide young people with the soft skills needed to improve employability.

The Dormant Accounts Fund Action Plan 2024 is available to view here.