John Wyse (11) and his favourite horse Monty feature on the front cover of our latest edition. John was interviewed by Karen Keehan, a youth worker with Moyross Youth Academy.

Where are you from?

“My name is John Wyse and I’m 11 years old and I’m from Ballynanty in Limerick.”

Why do you like Monty so much? What is Monty like?

“Monty is a hard pony to hold. He’s a good pony and I like him cause he’s quiet but very fast.
I like all the ponies – we have six now. I really like Comet too… I’ll be riding Comet in future. Tianna – she’s my age too – and she rides Comet.”

How often do you meet Monty?

“We go to the stables every week, more often when we’re on our holidays from school.”

What do you do when you go to the stables?

“I groom all the horses, then go for a cup of tea, then we go riding”

How long are you going to the stables?

“About two years I think. My brothers used to go and I went with them one day to meet the bus. I was on my bike and was going to cycle back home, but I asked Karen could I go too. Next thing I was on the bus with my bike too.”

Who else goes to the stables with you?

“I go with my two bothers Jordan and Michael and other people in my group.”
What do you want to do when you grow up?

“I want to be a jockey like Wesley!”

• Our thanks to youth worker Karen Keehan (pictured above) for interviewing John. She always makes a good impression on young people in the area. Her willingness to connect is apparent in these ‘Changing Ireland’ photos taken in Sarsfield Gardens, Moyross, in 2015.

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