Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) has launched a new strategic plan, which it describes as “solidifying its commitment to championing the rights and inclusion of disabled people nationwide”.

The plan outlines ILMI’s strategy to build local structures and actively contribute to policy development and implementation at both local and national levels.

Emphasising investment in disabled people, the plan supports activists in working collectively “to ensure the authentic collective voice of disabled people shapes a more inclusive Ireland”.

Launching the plan was Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disabilities, Anne Rabbitte.

“ILMI’s dedication to creating an inclusive Ireland aligns with our national goals for the empowerment and wellbeing of disabled people. This strategic plan is a testament to the organisation’s vital role in shaping policies that foster freedom, choice, and control. I commend ILMI for their impactful work and look forward to witnessing the positive transformations this plan will bring to the lives of disabled people across Ireland,” commented the Minister.

Des Kenny, ILMI’s chairperson, said: “This strategic plan has its origins in the noble tradition of disabled people being actively engaged in our own activism for four decades now. The power of collective advocacy within a Disabled Persons Organisation (DPO) is unparalleled. It transforms the conversation from ‘I think’ to ‘we think,’ providing evidence of how inclusion must be resourced: mapping the inclusion landscape to real, meaningful change.”

CEO of ILMI, Damien Walshe expressed his gratitude to “the incredible individuals who meticulously crafted our strategic plan”.

He continued: “As a national cross-impairment DPO, ILMI’s vision revolves around creating a society where disabled people enjoy freedom, choice, and control over all aspects of our lives. Our strategic plan is not just a document; it’s a roadmap for transformative change within our organisation and beyond.

“We express our gratitude to Values Lab for their expertise in crafting a robust, values-led plan that reflects the aspirations of our community.”

PDF link to the Strategic Plan is here:…/11/ILMI-Strategic-Plan-2024-to-2027.pdf