Last Friday, ‘Changing Ireland’ sent out two students Ella and Caoimhe, who are on placement with us, to ask one questions: “What do you love about Moyross?”

In less than half an hour they returned with five short and cheery interviews, all with women as it happens.

ELLA JONES-BOURKE met three visitors to the local café and nearby playground and here’s what they told the young reporter they like most about Moyross:

Lorraine said, “My three favourite things are the community, the community centre and the school. They do a lot for the young people and the services. They help everyone. I’m here over 20 years and I wouldn’t change it.”

She added, “The residents are all fab. They all stick together.”

Lorraine preferred not to be photographed or give her surname.

Marie Quinlivan was happy to talk. She is a regular at the community café in Moyross – called ‘MoyCafe’ – and said that, despite not living here herself, it was clear to her “from the people that I know that live here, that they find the community very good, and they have good neighbours.”

She said, “The community café is excellent. You would never meet better or nicer people, the food is always fresh, the staff are nice, and the food is never overpriced.”

Sharon Benson is a Sinn Féin Councillor for Limerick City North and she runs a clinic in the centre every Friday morning . Her “favourite thing about Moyross” is the community spirit.

She said, “The biggest thing here is the old-school, community spirit that used to be all across Limerick years ago. It’s slipping away now, but it still holds strong here in Moyross. It’s all about the people and the community.”

“And I recommend everyone come and get a breakfast here in MoyCafe,” she added. “It’s the best breakfast in town.”

* * * * *

CAOIMHE LALOR asked three staff members in Moyross Community Centre what they had to say about their beloved community:

Ann N Wadi works as a receptionist at Moyross Community Centre. Although not a local Ann enjoys working in Moyross:

“The people here I love and the people I work with I love.”

She described the atmosphere in the community centre:

“It’s a happy community centre and everyone is friendly and everyone is accommodating. If you go to the right people they will help you”.

Margaret (Mags) Fitzgerald works in Moycafe and she said:

“The best thing about Moyross is the community and the community spirit. They look after everyone here. And the sports.

Nicole Hogan also works in Moycafe and she said her favourite things about Moyross are:

“The community and the people in it when it comes to helping each other out. And working with Mags!”

How is Moyross changing?

Several new and refurbished projects have opened in the community of Moyross, Limerick city, over the past decade. They include a lively community centre, a bustling community café and a refurbished playground and expanded childcare facility. The school has also expanded and ‘The Bays’ have been transformed into Moyross Youth Academy.

While whole estates within Moyross have been almost completely leveled through “regeneration”, new apartments have been built and more housing is under construction. While smaller in terms of population, you can sense an optimism about the neighbourhood.