Author: Olesya Vasylenko

About The Author

I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. For the last 20 years I worked as a radio host, editor and correspondent. I love to listen to life stories of people who can inspire and teach something.
I am now resident in Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Refugees planted rare dove tree to thank Irish and for peace

Davidia involucrate, also known as the dove-tree. This is the name of a tree planted by Ukrainian refugees in the garden of the Earl of Desmond Hotel, in Ballyseedy, near Tralee, Co. Kerry.

“By planting this tree we would like to wish peace for our Homeland, and to express our deep gratitude to Irish people for their kindness and hospitality. They made huge difference in our lives,” said Tetiana Tymchak, a Ukrainian volunteer who led the initiative.
“Hotel staff work very hard every day for us. We feel welcomed and cared for. That moves us to tears,” she said.

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UKRAINIANS IN IRELAND – Halyna (90) and Svitlana (66) on fleeing a second war

The Irish don’t forget their history. That’s the impression I got when I came to Ireland and found out more about her. It is very important to remember your history. It will help to prevent future tragedies that happened in the past. I found out there were extremely sad pages in Irish history such as famines.
So I decided to tell you the story of Ukrainian mother and daughter Halyna (90) and Svitlana (66). I think many readers here in Ireland can relate to what they’ve told me. Halyna and Svitlana remember well the times of great upheavals in their Homeland.

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UKRAINIANS IN IRELAND – Hanna, founder of Kharkiv family project “loves people so much”

‘I love children and I love people so much’, says Hanna Buhaiova, a Ukrainian teacher and businesswoman. Hanna was changing her city – running her family club for kids and adults. Languages, arts, crafts, games – young and mature club participants were busy and happy. So were Hanna and her staff.
But the Russian invasion destroyed everything. Hanna had to stop the work she enjoyed so much and flee her homeland. Our guest tells what helped her to survive and what are her hopes for the future.

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