Author: Horace McDermott

About The Author

A former civil servant, community worker and agony uncle, Horace is utterly solutions-focused and has been writing for ‘Changing Ireland’ since he was a nipper.
He has addressed everything from world poverty to one-stop shops and can speak fluent Pobalese.
A few of his better columns are available here!

Horace’s Diary – no masking the truth!

I went to the shop to buy a mask and then realised I couldn’t enter the shop without a mask. While I was wondering how I would enter a shop without a mask to buy a mask, a fellow gave me his mask as he left the shop.
I wiped it on my sleeve for safety’s sake and put it over my face, delighted that I could now enter the shop – then I realised that now I had a mask I no longer needed to go into the shop to buy a mask.

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