It’s all rather curious. Ireland is €3.6 billion better off than we thought.

Ireland is €3.6 billion better off than we thought.

The Department of Finance confirmed today that an accounting error took place. Well, if we were to make use of those billions, it would be:

– the same as giving everyone in Ireland €800 in ‘luck money’ for Christmas.

– the same as giving 167,000 unemployed people jobs.

– the same as the amount originally earmarked for regeneration of Limerick’s disadvantaged estates.

It’s also the same, coincidentally, as the amount the EU and IMF say we must cut in this year’s budget.

It’s all rather curious.

German officials found €55 billion that had gone unnoticed in another “error” last month.

Seriously, Horace McDermott, our fictitious good news correspondent predicted as much in the summer of 2010 when he wrote that officials found €22 million lying in a biscuit tin in Anglo Irish Bank.

Horace never imagined he should be thinking in billions. The incredible becomes reality!

Main photo: Jonathan Brinkhorst/Unsplash